Behold the Lamb 

by Bill Spanjer Jr.

As John baptized repentant Israel in the Jordan River warning them of the judgement that was at hand, he raised his eyes and saw his cousin Jesus approaching.  He stopped his fire and brimstone preaching, pointed to Jesus and declared, "Behold the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world."  For, John perceived in Jesus, the long awaited fulfillment of all the Old Testament images of redemption and reconciliation with God.  As John partially understood, Jesus did not begin his ministry in a vacuum, but as one intentionally bringing to final climax the shadowy promises of the law and the prophets.  Therefore, if we are to understand and appreciate the richness of the ministry of Jesus Christ, we must understand it within that context.  In this class we will explore the Old Testament images and themes that prepare the way for Christ and that find their intended resolution in Him.