Lifting the Veil: Seeing the World Through the Eyes of God

Though the book of Revelation is sometimes confusing, and often intimidating, its beauty is in the fact that it lifts the veil and allows us to see our world from God’s perspective.  While our experiences tell us of a world out of control, Revelation shows us God seated firmly upon his throne.  Our eyes may see world leaders in fine attire dignified in stature; however,  John exposes many of them throughout history as beasts.  The cultures of the world, particularly for us, Western cultures, may appear as a thing of beauty, yet Christ unmasks them as harlots wooing us toward idolatry.  The church may seem to be a broken and flawed assembly, but Revelation shows her to be the magnificent and glorious bride of Christ. And, though the world may look at Jesus and see a meager Jewish carpenter and good moral teacher, John reveals him as the king of kings and Lord of Lords holding the keys of death in his hands.  

As Christians, our calling is to pick up our cross and follow Christ in a hostile world, resisting temptations and persisting through persecutions.  This perspective therefore, is absolutely vital for us since it is often our tendency to “settle in” and accept the lenses of our culture in understanding the world and our place in it. We tend over time to adopt the values and priorities of the culture around us, gradually losing our saltiness.  The Apostle Paul, however, commands us not to be conformed to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed in the renewing of our mind, which requires more than simply learning and affirming new ideas.  It requires a complete overhaul of how we see and understand the world.  It demands that we reconsider what is valuable and what we believe the purpose of life is.  It commands us to have a distinct understanding of the plot line of history and the ultimate problem with the world.  Revelation serves this purpose in a unique way as it reshapes our imaginations and recalibrates our understanding of reality. The question for us is, are we content with the way we have always seen the world, or are we prepared to have our minds transformed and see things as God sees them?  The Book of Revelation promises blessing to all who read it and live by it. Come. Join us as we study this wonderful book.