Christ the Seed of the Woman

 As Adam and Eve stood along side the serpent, ashamed and alienated form the God who made them in His image, they awaited their certain death sentence.  God had told them that the day they ate of the forbidden tree they would surely die.  For in eating they had not merely disobeyed a command, but the shame and horror of that disobedience was in the fact that they had chosen to trust Satan rather than God and to believe his blasphemous and slanderous portrayal of their creator.  How quickly and easily they were convinced that God did not have their best interest in mind and that if they only reached out and grasped for their independence they could have what God refused to give them.  Of course, not more than an instant after yielding to Satan’s temptation they had discovered that far from being gods, they were in fact shells of what God had made them to be.  Awaiting the impending sword of judgement, how they must have felt the despair and hopelessness that sin inevitably provides.  If only there were a way to make things right.  If only there were a way to mend the tear that their sin had created between them and their Lord.  And then, as they listened to God hand down their sentences, beginning with the serpent, they heard the most amazing thing.  For woven into the curse of Satan in the serpent was the first proclamation of the Gospel.  Enmity would be restored, Satan was told, between him and the woman and the Seed of the woman would ultimately crush his head.  Yes, they had heard right.  Though they, by all rights, should have died that day, they would live under God’s grace, with death delayed and have offspring, one of which, would ultimately deliver them.   In Genesis 3:15, the course of the rest of the Bible was set and Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection was its goal.  Join us tomorrow evening as we continue our look at Christ in the Old Testament and particularly at this Proto-evangel, as it is called, or “first gospel”. Tomorrow we will consider Christ the Seed of the woman, as well as Christ our Noah, our ark, and our new creation.  Hope to see you there.