On Becoming Good for Nothing

Jesus told his disciples very clearly that they were the salt of the Earth.  Of course this applies not only to his immediate listeners, but to all his followers.  This demands that we bring a distinct flavor to the culture around us.  We are to bring a “Jesus flavor”, as one of my Seniors put it in class.  Yes, we are to bring that distinct, God glorifying, righteousness magnifying, self sacrificing, beatitudes flavor that we taste so clearly in Christ.  Or, as he goes on to say, we are to be the light of the world, reflecting Jesus, the Ultimate light of the world, into the cultures we inhabit.  All of this to set the context for the troubling news that the PCUSA has finalized its denomination wide approval of same sex marriage.  What a flavorless denomination it is that lets the momentum of its culture shape the direction of its teaching.  Where is the salt?  Where is the refreshing voice of the church which unambiguously calls out sin, not merely to condemn, but to draw eyes to renewing work of Jesus Christ.  Of course this is nothing new for the denomination.  It has been on this trajectory for a long time now, untethering itself from the scriptures decades ago.  But a church that refuses to be salty should take heed of Jesus’ own assessment of them.