Kim Davis And Christian Conscience

I remember watching the debate between Doug Wilson and Andrew Sullivan, a gay, politically conservative author over the issue of gay marriage.  I particularly remember Mr. Sullivan saying that the matter would have no effect on traditional married couples and was just a matter of expanding the tent of marriage to let a few others in.  Justice Kennedy, in his decision on the Obergefell case stated that no religious institution or person would be kept from dissenting from the decision and advocating against same sex marriage.  And yet, here we are with a Christian woman in jail for four days now because she refused to issue licenses for gay marriages or even to allow others in her office to do it, given that her name would have to appear on the license.  Nothing will change they swore, and yet you might just end up in jail if you don’t go along with the program.  But she is a political official we are told.  Her duty is to uphold the law whether she personally likes it or not.  This is the take I heard in an interview….