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Revelation: Developing a Kingdom Vision

There is no book of the Bible that has created a more polarizing effect upon Christians than the Book of Revelation.  Many avoid the book out an overwhelmed confusion, believing it to be the incomprehensible events of the "end times," while others are fascinated by the detailed imagery and seek to decode its message and find the fulfillment of its prophecies in our day.  Unfortunately, both approaches keep Christians from the rich and encouraging truth that the book is meant to give.  Please join us this Winter at Hudson Valley United Reformed Church in New Hampton, NY, as Bill Spanjer leads us through a 10 week course on the book of Revelation.  In this course we will:

       * Consider the background, genre, themes, and structure of the book

       * Consider various approaches to interpreting the book

       * Walk through the book chapter by chapter 

       * Consider the practical applications of the teaching of the book

Revelation is a wonderfully practical book in that helps shape the way we look at the church and the world it inhabits encouraging us in our calling to be faithful witnesses to Christ, the king of kings.

        * There is no cost to attend this course.  There will be an offering to support the Dwaarkill Study Center at some point during the course.

        * This 10 week course will be given at Hudson Valley URC on Friday evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:00pm starting on Friday January 15.  HVURC is located at 1043 County Rte 12, New Hampton, NY.

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