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Is God For Islam In Europe?

We are experiencing a real and present threat against our freedom today in the West. We saw what happened in Paris a few months ago, as well as the recent attacks in Southern California, Holland, Indonesia, Egypt, and so on.  It seems that no nation is exempt from this out break of terror which is threatening our globe and Christians are especially vulnerable to these attacks. Thousands of Christian brothers and sisters have been executed in Syria, Iraq, and other ISIS held countries. In 2013 the Muslim Militant group Al-Shabab stormed the Westgate Mall in Nairobi and killed 67 people. One survivor said, “...if you were a Christian you were shot on the spot...” Thankfully terrorist attacks in Europe have historically been few and far between. They are always tragic but at least they have been relatively rare. 

In general Europe has been a very safe place to live but that security is becoming rapidly less and less certain. In Germany, for example, muslims represent the largest minority in the country and demographers say that within 50 years Islam will become its dominant religion. This is a shocking prognosis in a land which was once known as the Holy Roman Empire and the home of the Protestant Reformation. Such a projection may seem unlikely, or even smell suspiciously like “right-handed” propaganda and “fear-mongering” but it is not. It is a projection that is not based on any political ideology but simply founded on raw demographic data. No one believes that Islam will overrun Germany by way of military invasion, nor will Islam successfully convert any significant number of Germans to its faith. The source of the demographers bleak outlook in Europe is entirely based on birth rates over the past several decades. German non-Muslims are reproducing at a rate of around 1.5 per family while Muslim families are reproducing at a rate of about of 2.2 per family. This statistic has remained steady for several decades and the subsequent generations will see effect....