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Guillaume Bignon

Guillaume Bignon is a Frenchman who was born and raised near Paris. Trained as an engineer, he presently works in New York City as a computer scientist in the financial industry.

Guillaume became passionate about Christian philosophy and apologetics after an unlikely, and providential, conversion, in his mid-20s, from atheism to Christianity. This led him to attend Alliance Theological Seminary in New York, where he obtained a Masters in Biblical literature with an emphasis on the New Testament. His love for these topics drove him to continue his studies, and he is currently completing his PhD in philosophical theology under Paul Helm at London School of Theology. Guillaume has had the opportunity to present lectures at meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and the Society of Christian Philosophers. Guillaume's interests include the metaphysics of human free will as it relates to divine providence and modal logic, as well as natural theology and epistemology.  He is married to Katherine and is the father of three adorable babies.

Guillaume writes in English at, and in French at

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