The Book of Revelation: Developing a Kingdom Vision 

by Bill Spanjer Jr.

Though the book of Revelation is sometimes confusing, and often intimidating, it is a beautiful vision intended to lift a veil and let us see our world from God’s perspective.  While our experiences tell us of a world out of control, Revelation shows us God seated firmly upon his throne.  This is a perspective absolutely vital for us as Christians whose calling is to pick up our cross and follow Christ in a hostile world, resisting temptations and persisting through persecutions.  Revelation serves to steel us for the patient endurance that God calls us to by reshaping our imaginations and recalibrating our understanding of reality. The question for us is, are we content with the way we have always seen the world, or are we prepared to have our minds transformed and to see things as God sees them?  The Book of Revelation promises blessing to all who read it and live by it.

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