Behold The Man!

On the sixth day God made man.  He created him to reflect His character and His rule throughout the world.  As such, Adam was called to be fruitful and to fill the Earth even as God had done in the original work of creation.  He was called to rule the Earth and to subdue it in the name of his Lord who alone is the true King of all.  Yet in as much as God made man in His image, Adam was going to have to grow and mature into the fullness of that image.  This would require him to go through challenges and testing in order to grow in holiness and glory.  But of course, we know how the story went and that Adam failed early on in the process.  Abdicating his responsibility to rule and to subdue all forces that oppose God, he allowed the rebellious serpent to tempt his wife and rather than confronting Eve over lending Satan a receptive ear, he joined the deadly party and shared in the rebellion.  

Satan had offered them the promise that if they ate they would be like God, an odd offer given the fact that God had created them in His image, that is, He made them “like Him.”  Satan’s temptation however...