The Sounds of Heaven

In the book of Revelation we get glimpses of the heavenly order through the vision that was given to the apostle John.  Again and again throughout the book we hear singing and praise to God; a thunderous wave of praise from the people of God.  In virtuously every casewe are told that those singing were from every race, tribe, people, and tongue.  The cacophonous praise is multi lingual and international.  Last Fall I had the privilege to travel to Kenya to teach systematic theology at a pastor’s conference.  Prior to arriving in Kenya I travelled to Germany to meet up with my brother Stephen who would be heading to the conference with me.  While in Germany I was scheduled to preach at his church in Neuenburg, a privilege I look forward to every time I am there.  One of the joys I look forward to most is the singing.  I love to hear the saints of God singing praise in their native tongue.  It is a foretaste of the experience we will have in the new creation as reported in the book of Revelation.  What was particularly special was when

The Blood Of The Martyrs

News broke yesterday of 147 Christians killed in Kenya by Al-Shabaab, the radical muslim group out of Somalia.  According to an article here (  the gunmen singled out Christians and shot them on the spot. In hearing this terrible news we join our cry to that of the martyrs in Revelation 6, “How long, O Lord holy and true, before you judge and avenge our blood?”  It is hard to hear about  our brothers and sisters suffering around the world and in particular, in East Africa and in the Middle East.  It is absolutely appropriate to pray that God would avenge their blood and judge these murderers and servants of the beast or convert them. However, God’s response to the martyrs and to us, is that...