Behold the Lamb: week three

It has been a joy to have our hearts “burn within us” these past two weeks as we spent time studying and exploring the truth about the person and work of Jesus by considering the Old Testament images he came to fulfill.  We have seen Christ as the Word of God through whom all things were created, the one who overcomes darkness as the light of the world, the one who overcomes chaos with order, and who fills the emptiness with abundant life.  We have considered Christ as the bridegroom of his people, the one who brings forth a radiant bride through the painful tearing of his flesh.  We have seen Christ as the ultimate image bearer of the Father, revealing perfectly the nature of God and doing so most clearly upon the cross.  Most recently we have seen Christ as the second Adam, that representational head of a new covenant.  We saw him as the one who takes the guilt and corruption obtained through Adam, who pays for it in full while at the same time achieving, on behalf of his bride, the church, the righteousness necessary to reconcile us to God.  

Indeed, there is much richness to meditate on regarding Christ within the first two chapters of the Bible and yet there is so much more to come.  This coming week we have the privilege to study the first gospel promise made to man.  In Genesis 3:15 God makes a glorious pledge to his sinful image bearers contained within the curse that he pronounced upon the serpent.  He promised that He would restore enmity between the serpent and mankind and that the “seed of the woman” would one day crush the head of the serpent.  This is a work that would be accomplished at a great cost to the seed of the woman, but one that would liberate his people and secure their right standing with God.  This week we will unpack this wonderful promise and see how God fulfilled it in the life, death and, resurrection of Christ.  We will also consider Christ in the story of Noah, the giver of rest.  For condensed into that narrative is the entire story of the Bible and Christ shines through it all.  I look forward to seeing you all at Hudson Valley URC tomorrow night as we continue our quest to behold the Lamb in the Law and the prophets.