Punching Gender in the Jaw

It is often said that sports are a microcosm of life. The statement contains a scintillation of truth, but the correlation is often overblown into a heaping pile of nonsensical fandom and analogical fallaciousness. With that being said, we can learn from sports. This past week, sports has — like an inebriated Eagles fan screaming at a preseason game that “this is our year!” — taught us once again just how dumb we are.

A few days ago, the starting quarterback for the New York Jets, Geno Smith, had his jaw broken when, now, ex-teammate IK Enemkpali landed a post-practice haymaker. Great sadness instantly reverberated throughout the defensive-back meetings of all of the Jets’ AFC opponents. All kidding aside, this is an important story because of the fact that it has not been a big story. Sure, during a slow period in the sports calendar, it has fueled many vacuous segments of sports talk radio and television, but it has not been a national news story...