We Are In The Last Days

Clichés become clichés in large part because they tend to be true. And perched atop the precipice of the great mountain of clichés is this old philosophical ditty: True wisdom is knowing that you do not know. This little morsel of Western cultural inheritance takes many different forms, with a minor variance here or there, but the sentiment remains the same regardless of the chosen syntax. One should be slow to pronounce absolute knowledge in any area and quick to admit ignorance.

    Yet, it is with full foreknowledge of the truism stated above, that without reservation, I make the following claim: We are now in the last days! This topic, when will the last days come? When will Christ return? these questions are of great intrigue for Christians, and in some ways rightfully so. It is understandable that it would be. How could the coming of Christ to usher in the eschaton, to end the normal space time continuum not be intriguing? It is inherently interesting, and we can’t get enough of it. The History Channel seems to trip over itself, rushing to produce their next tedious special feature on it. Even non-believers like to watch movies about it. It’s a topic that sells books, ups TV ratings and is great internet click-bait. There is a deep longing to know when Christ will return. However....